Fipple Flute Price List 2019
The following price list is avalable in print ready format from the publications section.
Instrument Scale Material Price
Sopranino after Denner A415 Blackwood €1200
Soprano after Haka A440 / A415 Blackwood / Boxwood €1300
Fourth flute after Bressan A415 Boxwood €1300
Alto in A based on the Bressan 4th flute A415 Boxwood €1500
Alto in G after Oberlender A415 / A440 Boxwood €1600
Alto in F after T.Stanesby jnr A415 / A440 Boxwood €1600
Alto 'Concerto' A415 / A440 Blackwood €1700
Alto in F after Bressan A405 Boxwood €1900
Voice flute after Denner A415 / A440 Boxwood €1900
Tenor A440 / Voice flute A392 Boxwood €2000
Tenor in C after Bressan A415 / 405 Boxwood €2200
Tenor fourth flute after Stanesby jnr A415 Boxwood / Faux Ivory €2800
Additional Options      
Double keys on tenor or fourth flute     €200
Corps de réchange for Voice Flute Semitone - / +   €230
Corps de réchange for Stanesby Alto Semitone - / +   €230
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